Welcome to Sex and Gender in Urban Life

Wonderful students!!!!  I have been working hard to try to find the best way to adapt our course!    Here is how we will proceed—

  1. The Course Schedule Page (on this site) has all the readings, dates and what you need to do.  In addition, I will be emailing you several times a week to keep you on track— Please check your email often!!
  2. We will be using this Course Site for all the content for the course.  This is what we have been using
  3. And we will be having virtual one on one discussions using Blackboard in the Office/Course Room; in addition to at least one small group discussion (with 3 or so students and me) this semester.
  4. We are also going to use Blackboard for the weekly quizzes and the journals you will write to me each week (similar to what we piloted last week).  In addition we will probably use Blackboard for the midterm and final exam (I am still thinking that through).  And of course, your grades will be in Blackboard.


I want to try to keep somewhat to the schedule we talked about in class, but with flexibility.  What does that mean?

  1. You will get an email from on Wednesdays that will give you the plan for the week.  Each week will be pretty much the same format, so there will not be any surprises!
  2. In the email I will link to the readings for the week (that will be found in our course schedule page on our site).  You want to READ and TAKE NOTES to start the week
  3. Then after you finish the readings– You are going to take the reading quiz.  You can take the quiz anytime between 12 noon on  Wednesdays and 5pm on Mondays.  This way it gives you a large window of time.  However the quiz will be timed for 15 minutes. And you can use your notes to take the quiz.  If you have any problems accessing the quiz during this time let me know via email.  I will respond as soon– it may not be immediately but I will respond and I will get you the quiz.
  4. After you take the quiz— you will watch a lecture that I will share with you.  The video will be in the email I sent on Wednesday— it will be a mix of youtube videos, powerpoints and me talking!! You want to watch that video as soon as possible.

Then, after you take the quiz and watch the video.

5. After you have done the reading, taken the quiz and listened to the lecture, I want you to         send me a journal entry in Blackboard— here you can summarize what you learned; tell me          what it made you think of; ask questions; anything you want— This is a private discussion            between you and I.  You want to post in that Journal by Tuesday of the week by midnight.

The other things you want to know–

OFFICE HOURS— You will have to do virtual office hours/checkins on Blackboard or via phone.  You need to do a minimum of 2 of those check-ins with me during the semester.   These will be either via video on Blackboard or on the phone.  In the next week or so, I will send out a sign in sheet and you will sign up for a short check in.  However anytime you want to do an office hour check in, please feel free to email me and we will set up a video or phone check in.

I will do office hours on the phone but ideally I would like to do them video at least 2 times so we can see each other during the semester.  In our Blackboard Shell there is a tab on the left side that says Office/Course Room.  If you click on that you will see the Course Room.  When you are scheduled for Office Hours, you just click on the room to enter it.  Be sure your microphone and video are enabled.  This can be done via your phone, you don’t have to be on a computer.  You can also get to the course room by clicking here: Course Room

In addition to individual check ins, we will have small group video checkins.  These will probably not happen until after spring break– this will give us all an opportunity to connect with each other.

Later in the semester —

We will have a Midterm and Final; and only 1 Paper—  I will have more details on those in the next few weeks.